AI Render

Create a product visualization in realistic interiors with AI. Without involving designers and product photo shoots

Why VinteoAI?


Cheaper than the services of a hired specialist


Zero special skills required

2 min

To get final product image with AI

For online stores and marketplaces sellers

We simplify the process of creation the product visualization in realistic interiors and reduce costs of our clients

AI Render solves the main problems of our clients

AI Render solves 
the main problems of our clients

Lack of unique visualization of goods, lack of them from the manufacturer

The high cost of hiring designers or renting a studio for a product photo shoot

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Dependence on manufacturers to provide high-quality visual materials

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For any size of e-commerce business

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Key features

No special skills required
Full automation with API
Automatic background removal & decor placcement
Different styles & color tones
Creating your own scene & interior or choose ready-made
Multiple resolution & aspect ratio
Key featuresKey features

How it works?

Step 1

Simply upload

Select a photo of the item you want to embed in the interior

Step 2


Enter product dimensions and select style, 2room type and interior options

Step 3

Getting result

That’s it, get ready-made options with embedded furniture in the interior and download

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